Open Source Response

In regards to Open Source Software, the advantages to using it is that you can get help and feedback on the project you're contributing to in little time (assuming the project is wildly broadcasted on whatever website is hosting said open source project). However, there are some criticisms that could be applied to it. Depending on what sort of community you're working with the feedback and response you get may not be so helpful or kind. And depending on whether or not the project is well known publicly getting feedback from the public maybe hard. Sometimes the feedback you would receive wouldn't even be so helpful in the long run. Then there's also the fact that if you don't properly manage the code, you could get yourself into a load of legal trouble, just like former President Trump did with his Twitter clone "Truth".

As someone who's new to working on open source software, I do feel a bit overwhelmed since software development is not something I'm comfortable with and I'm not sure whether or not I could make a big impact on a open source project outside of changing something relatively simple. If the community is supportive enough I could see myself sticking around to try and learn more and help others who would contribute to the subject.

The community I'm going to be working in is a beginner friendly open source Github repository. There's all sorts of issues that can be tackled on, ranging from Javascript, CSS, JSON, HTML, and all sorts of coding. I'll probably do work on the CSS part of the open source project, seeing that's what I'm really good at doing in particular. But maybe that might change depending on how things go. But another option I've been looking into was exploring bugs and errors of different apps that can be reported to the forums of the people responsible of the software.