Social Media Ills Response

Social Media definitely has a myriad number of ills, some of which could be fixed, but some definitely cannot. In today's political climate everyone is aggressive about how they feel, and very aggressive towards their political enemies. This isn't really helped by politicians themselves having active social medias that they use to make hot takes or respond to their political opponents, which results in the people reacting, and the news reacting to them. Another example would be doxxing. Doxxing is the act of publicly revealing previously private personal information about an individual or organization, usually through the Internet. More often than not, doxing is used whenever someone says or does something bad online. More often than not, this results this person being fired, or having immense pressure being put on them or the company they work for to make them apologize.

Most of the examples I gave were listed on past experiences on Tumblr and Twitter, and while Tumblr's userbase has dropped to the point where doxing isn't AS big of a problem anymore, political fights still run rampant. Twitter has all these issues, and even more along with them.

Jaron brings up some good points I didn't mention in my earlier paragraphs regarding cyberbullying and social media's algorthim system. In regards to cyberbullying, it's a big issue that has resulted in many kids and teenagers taking their own lives because of the bullying they received on the internet. The methods used for bullying are rather quite evil as well, posting embrassing photos, insults and the 'kill yourself' comments have all prompted users to take their own life. In regards to the algorthim, on social media, things that tend to attract negativity or negative responses will gather much more attention than more positive things. It's sort of like clickbait, as more people would be interested in say, 'What Trump Just Said On His Twitter' during his presidency vs 'A Young Kid Raises Thousands of Dollars for Cancer'. It's really sad, but there's not much that could be done about that in particular.